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Without precision, building excellence is out of reach. At Build X, our highly experienced team of Architects, Planners, Builders, Engineers and Interior Designers bring their extraordinary standards and talent on every project. Using a separate Architect and Builder can create uncertainties and can be difficult to manage. We understand that a client’s budget needs be considered during the early stages of the Architectural plans to ensure that when we get to the quoting phase, our clients have a clear guidance of pricing and there are no surprises.
  • Efficiencies can be explored without comprising the design
  • An accurate fixed price is determined from the start
  • Seamless project co-ordination
  • Single point of contact from start to finish
At Build X, we will guide you through each stage of the design process from the initial concept through to completion. Our team work closely with our valued clients to provide unique solutions to meet their individual requirements. We pride ourselves on developing a working relationship with our clients which will often lead to an ongoing friendship.
Residential Architects
  • 01
SKETCH DESIGN This phase includes initial hand and/or digital drawings, elevations, plans, sections, design inspiration images and 3D sketches/renders as required to describe our overall vision and strategy for the project. Our brief / scope during this stage will often extend to site visits, site planning, site massing and concept landscape planning. Once our clients approve the ideas presented we then proceed to the next stage – design development and DA.
  • 02
DESIGN DEVELOPMENT & DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION This phase involves us developing the sketch design to a more resolved and detailed level and then preparing all the necessary documentation for submission to Council. We organise all of the necessary consultants during this phase and lodge the Development Application (DA) package on behalf of our client to Council. The 3D aspects of the project would also be further explored at this stage where we can provide realistic 3D renders and walk-throughs as required.
  • 03
CONSTRUCTION CERTIFICATE This phase involves us preparing all of the necessary documentation required for Construction Certificate Approval. We would engage and co-ordinate all required consultants as well as ensure strict compliance with all relevant codes and Council Requirements.
  • 04
CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATION We provide our clients with extensive and detailed drawings suitable for Construction by Build X. Items provided during this phase would typically include door and window schedules, detailed design of kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor areas, lighting layouts, selection of materials, plumbing fixtures etc.
  • 05
CONSTRUCTION AND ON-SITE SERVICES This phase covers all aspects of the construction process, plus on-site supervision and contract administration services where required.
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Residential Architects

Our residential architects in Sydney take great pride in working with each client to create elegant and timeless homes that are perfect for their lifestyle.

We understand that when it comes to building your own home, you are on a mission to create something special. Our talented high-end residential architects at Build X combine their experience, technical knowledge, and sense of design with the dream you have for your family to breathe magnificent house plans to life.

Begin Your Custom Design | High End Residential Architects in Sydney

When people picture their dream homes, they always think of structures and accents of beauty.

Luxury looks different to everyone. That’s why we always take listening and understanding the home our clients want of utmost importance. Some prefer stately and grandiose designs, while others desire a home that is more relaxed or restrained.

At Build X our residential architects are renowned for the detail and care they take in their work to follow the latest and old beloved classics in home designs. Covering facades such as Georgian, Federation, Hamptons, as well as newer and innovative modern, minimalist, and contemporary designs.Whatever finish you desire, our high-end residential architects in Sydney have the reputation to do it well.

From Concept to Approved Home Plan

Creating your own custom dream home is a momentous task that we take seriously.

Our home architects near you take all the time to understand what you desire in a home with a thorough consulting, design and drafting, and approval process.

Understanding Your Family to Create a Home | Design Briefs

Before any of the architectural design or house planning, we meet with you to understand and collaborate with your ideas.

Our high-end residential architects will ask you about the styles, finishes, materials, and rooms you desire in your new home. They will also ask you about your preferences for your house plan, as well as your lifestyle to create design objectives for a house plan that suits your family and the way you live. The design brief we form together can be adjusted and refined later. It helps our architects imagine the type of home you will love.

Designing a Sustainable, Life Focused Home | Concept Plans and Initial Design

Here we help bring together all the ideas from the design brief in a way that is sustainable for passive comfort, and visual for your approval. Our residential architects at Build X work with a focus on innovation for easy sustainable Sydney living. They take the time to visit the site and conduct a SWOT analysis of the location you will soon call home.

Our residential architects with analysis the different features of your location such as orientation, breeze, solar access, climate, views, overshadowing, slope, soil type, drainage, bushfire risk, etc. and how they will affect your house.Bringing you the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your location in a thorough report. This on-site analysis allows our architects to find the best solutions for house orientation, passive heating, and cooling, give you the best comfort and enjoyment of your house.

Our talented high end residential architects will also show you more drawings and computer-based visuals of to communicate their ideas of how to make the most of your site’s location.

Advocating On Your Behalf | Final Design

Lastly, we update the design brief with all the changes and decisions you agree to, including floor plans, window type, external finishes, water systems and more, which we use to determine cost. Build X’s in-house architects can also give you illustrations of the finalised design. Once you decide the design can be finalised, our architects work to get the design approved by the appropriate local council bodies.

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