Home Extensions Sutherland Shire

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If you love your place, but things are feeling a bit cramped, home extensions and additions can you give you that extra space and function without the expense and stress of moving. Home extensions are a great way to increase the living area in your home and create a space to suit you and your family. A well designed home extension can enhance your lifestyle and create a custom made home that is relaxing, comfortable and functional and give you the home you dream of. Regardless of the type of extra space you’re looking to create such as; additional living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, or entertaining areas – we listen to your request and create the ultimate solution for you. Our engineered designs are professionally built to make sure your extensions are built to last the test of time, so you and your family can look forward to a bright future in your revamped home. We will also arrange essential utilities like electrical wiring, plumbing and sewerage lines to connect to your new extension.
Home Extensions Sutherland Shire
Ground and First Floor Extensions Having a wealth of knowledge in the Construction Industry, we have the skill and knowledge to offer detailed plans for your house extensions enabling us to better illustrate the scope of your project – as well as acting as a set of construction drawings – allowing you to track your build as it takes shape. Ground floor extensions and first floor additions both have their benefits, with ground floor extensions ideal if you have the space to extend outwards for an extra family room, games room, bedroom or simply an outdoor entertaining area. This may be also beneficial for the older generation with limited stairs to walk. Adding a first-floor is ideal if you have limited space for ground floor extensions, but there are many other benefits too. You’ll save time and money due to the foundations and substructure already being in place.
Ground floor and First Floor extensions are the perfect option if you’re looking for more living space. Build X offers home extensions with benefits such as:
  • Take advantage of space to extend outwards
  • Increase in property value
  • A balance between indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces
  • Add an extra family room, rumpus room or bedroom
  • Seniors and those with limited mobility can stay safe because there’s no stairs
  • Much more cost-effective – extending your home is a much cheaper alternative than moving
  • New home feeling – make your dream home even bigger and better
Home Extensions Experts Sutherland Shire
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Home Extensions in the Sutherland Shire

Home Extensions are the answer for many who love living in Sutherland Shire but hate feeling cramped at home. Providing additional space for larger living rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms. It can also add more rooms for extra bedrooms, hobby rooms or a home office for personal study. We at Build X are the experts when it comes to home extensions, with over 55 years of experience in residential construction. We understand how to add that extra personal value that makes a place feel like home.

Extending the comfort of your home in the Sutherland Shire

Home EntertainingHaving a larger living area can help when it comes to entertaining. Creating a great place to host elegant dinner parties or exciting birthday events. If you don’t have an open plan living area, Build X can knock down walls to convert your home. In addition, we can also expand the area with a rear, or side and rear extension.

Master SuiteExtending your home up can offer the perfect opportunity to build a luxurious master suite for a quiet retreat for rest. Where you can enjoy a large bedroom, additional bathroom, walk in closet, laundry and more. Build X has an array of stunning designs thanks to our own in-house architects and designers.

Additional Bedrooms When everyone has a room, everyone tends to be a lot happier and calmer. Whether you want to extend from the ground or onto a new floor above, our builders can help get the job done. Crafting rooms that express and celebrate the personality of the room’s user.

Additional Living Area Family dinners, parties and events can be exciting in the home. However, while the adults are talking and entertaining downstairs, older children often seek a place to get away and talk amongst themselves. An additional sitting room, home cinema or games room could be the perfect place for them to get situated. Ensuring fun for everyone involved.

Larger Kitchen It’s no secret that many Australians love cooking, and you may too. But nothing hampers creativity like a small kitchen or losing the important tools and appliances that you need to try out new recipes. With a kitchen extension, you can enjoy the joys of a bigger kitchen that allows you to store all the tools, appliances, and food you need for marvellous creations.
Home Office While some people were longing to get back to the office during the lockdown, others dreaded the idea of leaving home. If your job has gained some extra flexibility in terms of workplace or you are beginning to run a side business at home, you may have been yearning for your own home office.

Why Build X?

  • Experience – We at Build X carry over 55 years of experience in residential and commercial construction.
  • Excellence – Our architects and designers have an impressive portfolio of fresh and beautiful designs behind them. And all our labourers are fully trained and licensed with at least a year’s experience on the field, to always master a beautiful finish.
  • Innovation – As a pioneer in home extensions, home renovations and new custom homes, we’re always coming up with new ideas for your best experience of Sydney living.

First Floor Extensions –

  • Create another floor
  • Add additional bedrooms
  • Enjoy beautiful views
  • Add a second living area
  • Requires a strong foundation and existing structure
  • A more cost-effective home extension

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